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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Vote: Top stories of 2008

We're coming to the end of an eventful year, featuring the launch of The Valley's Other Fruit on April 6, 2008. At launch I stated that my goal with The Fruit was to create more visibility and more community for lesbian, gay, bi, trans and allies living in Napa and nearby, by featuring news, gossip, events and issues that are of interest to our community. With 60 ongoing subscribers and visitors totaling almost 100 people a day, I feel proud of how far we've come.

At the end of the year it's a blogger's obligation (and mainstream media do it too) to do some sort of story re-cap of the year. I thought I'd throw the voting out to you, the loyal readers of the blog to say which stories were the most impactful. I dug through the stories and found some themes of stories that picked up a lot of traffic or that I thought were especially important to our coverage in the last year. Remember when?
Please vote and feel free to include (via comments or voting) stories that we covered that I failed to mention in this poll.

1 comment:

  1. I voted for Golden Bear Softball.

    A couple of reasons:
    1) It was how I was introduced to the blog. I'm now a daily reader.
    2) I wouldn't have known about the event otherwise. I didn't see anything about it anywhere else. It felt like an exclusive.