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Friday, December 26, 2008

Napa LGBT community gives tons of food to food bank

Yes, we (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and our straight allies) did it, we gave a TON of food to the foodbank:
  • 956 Non-perishable Food Items Were Donated!
  • 453 Cans
  • 147 Boxes
  • 161 Bottles/Jars
  • 195 Packs/Pouches/Bags
  • plus a $125 cash donation made directly to the Napa County Food Bank
From Rick, the organizer:
Thanks to everyone that contributed food, money and time to this effort. It will make a world of difference to hungry families throughout Napa County. It will make a huge statement regarding our commitment to our local community and our world. Thank you!
The food was given to the Napa County Food Bank at a time of huge need. All of the items donated through the National Food Drive for Equality were labeled with friendly stickers that said,

Donated by your gay/lesbian/bisexual neighbors and their friends.
Una donaciĆ³n de parte de su comunidad gay/ lesbiana/bisexual.

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