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Monday, December 8, 2008

Milk in the North Bay, expands to more theaters (still not in Napa)

Movie times (for Tue, Dec 9) from Fandango for Milk playing in North B
ay theaters. Click to enlarge.

As I wrote about previously, there are still no plans to release Milk in Napa Valley theaters.

However, in wider release as of December 5th, Milk is playing at many more North Bay theaters, including:
  • Rialto Cinemas in Santa Rosa
  • Fairfax Five in Fairfax
  • CinéArts in Pleasant Hill
  • California Theater in Berkeley (I saw Brokeback Mountain here!)
  • CinéArts in Mill Valley
Click here to search Fandango for specific theater and movie times information.


  1. If you get the chance, the Castro Theater is a GREAT place to see this movie. I saw it with my BF and a couple of friends from work last Saturday night and the crowd was amazing.

    (If it's a popular showing buy your tickets online and show up early though. We got there forty minutes before the movie, and had to wait in a line that went all the way around the block. We still got pretty good seats though!)

  2. I saw it in the Castro Theatre as well... It was a great experience.....

  3. We saw it at the Castro during opening weekend. Like MTC, we got there really early and still ended up in a line around the block.

    Try to sit on the main floor rather than the balcony...the sound wasn't very good up there.