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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Call in gay to work tomorrow, December 10? Your thoughts?

I haven't really posted about "Day without a Gay" for several reasons:
  1. Local gays are organizing cool events around other things (holiday greetings, canned food drive, postcards to Obama, candlelight vigils at Target, white knots, etc.).
  2. Other gay blogs are covering it all over the place
  3. I'm not completely sold on the effectiveness of the idea (pulling $80 out of your bank? volunteering instead of working for a day?)
What do you think? Are you going to call in gay to work tomorrow? Plans for community service?

Mostly, what impact will it have? How will/would your work react?

Amusing video about "Day without a gay" embedded on site.

1 comment:

  1. I work part-time and am scheduled to work on Wednesday. I plan on being there.

    I'm not excited at all about this event.

    My past experience is that when someone calls in sick everyone else has to pick up the slack. I've even felt some resentment in the past when it was perceived that the person really wasn't that sick (you know, the "mental health day"). Resentment aimed directly at "the gays" is not what I think we're looking for.

    You're "punishing" potentially gay-friendly employers, fellow-employees and customers.

    How about showing up for work on Wednesday gay or that would make a statement!