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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hundreds show up at Napa City Hall for National Day of Protest against Prop 8

[Note: more updates have come in, including video. Check out our latest post as well.]

Hundreds showed up for today's protest. I was proud of my City and the support of the Napa Police Department.

Unfortunately, I'm short on time to write up a full post about the protest, but I can say it was on a beautiful and unseasonably warm morning that we gathered ard heard various speakers (Chris Edwards, Renee Fanning, a minister from the United Methodist Church, a Senior from Vintage High School's Gay Straight Alliance, a Napan who is a Deputy Marriage Commissioner--I think that's his title--in San Jose and local politicians who support the cause of equality and also signed on as "Friends of the Court"). We then marched down Second Street toward Main, then back up First Street to City Hall and ended on a happier note with an impromptu dance party to Diana Ross' "I'm Coming Out" and the Shirelle's "Going to the Chapel".

Also, and unfortunately, my camera died after shooting just 10 pics (see above) and some video...

Please click the slideshow to submit your own photos to Napa's album, and use the comments section (below) or tipline to share your experiences.


  1. Excellent reporting and love the slideshow:-) As always thanks for your support. We have created a Napa website as an archive of our struggle that lists those who contributed against us on our wall of shame. Please visit often.


  2. What a lot of morons! BOO HOO we could not change the meaning of a word!