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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Napa Register says Vote No on 8

I dunno how I missed this. On September 17, 2008, the Napa Valley Register editors published their endorsement of No on 8, "In our view, Proposition 8 is a misguided and unconstitutional proposal. We urge voters to reject Proposition 8", explaining:

...First of all, California marriage doesn’t need to be protected from gay people. Gay people pose no threat to the institution of marriage, to traditional families or to society at large.

...California’s large gay population includes countless committed relationships, countless extended families in which people care for each other and their relatives with compassion and love, and many gay couples are raising children...

For many people of faith, gay marriage is a religious issue. We understand that many people are opposed to homosexuality and want to raise their children accordingly. That is a choice to be respected — and a choice that would be undisturbed by the outcome of Proposition 8, whatever it may be. While advocates of the measure say that its failure would result in public schools teaching tolerance for gay marriage, Proposition 8 says nothing about schools and would do nothing to change curriculum...
For the full Editorial, visit the Napa Valley Register.

Fore more news and our other coverage of Proposition 8, click here.

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