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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Milk premiers in SF last night, in theaters Nov 26

In spite of the cool weather, the stars were out last night in the Castro:
The guests came to the Castro Theatre on Tuesday dressed in Levi's and designer dresses, '70s-chic velvet jackets and drag-queen heels and glitter. It looked like a glamorous early start on Halloween, but actually it was a Hollywood affair complete with a red carpet and a who's-who invitation list. And, it was all devoted to a sold-out, one-night-only, world-premiere benefit screening of "Milk," the hotly anticipated new film about the life, times and tragic death of controversial San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk. [SFGate]
I've posted previously about the Milk movie.

I wonder if, when deciding the release and premier for this film, the producers had in mind the election and the feelings that would be in the air, especially because of Prop 8 trying to rewrite discrimination into the constitution. I can't wait to see this film, in theaters November 26. I'm feeling another "Valley's Other Fruit" movie night. Anyone else?

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