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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Many show support for No on 8 @ Bel Aire Plaza

So, we gathered at 10am this morning between Target and Caffino in Bel Aire Plaza. Our mission was to be a presence of No on 8, to give out information--or, as the invite put it, "This will be a peaceful action - a chance to educate our neighbors, change hearts and change minds."

We started with ginormous and colorful balloons and handfuls of flyers. Some of us took positions in front of Target (which basically gave us permission to be there as long as we didn't get too close to the big, red balls--insert your own punchline.) along the main street through the Plaza (which is City property), in front of Whole Foods and along Trancas. We handed out plenty of balloons to families and lots of flyers. Thankfully, there was lots of positive support from the shoppers. I have a feeling if we were in WalMart's parking lot the opinions expressed might be very different. After about an hour of flyer handing-out, a dotted group of us gathered along Trancas Street, from up towards Highway 29 all the way to the main entrance in front of Pharmaca.

Throughout the day there were probably 20 of us--maybe 30 or more, eventually--who were involved, and it felt amazing. Firstly, because there was lots of positive energy: many who took our flyers happily, many who said they were already "No on 8" supporters, and some who already voted, and voted No! On the street side, the ratio of waves and honked support was about 10 to 1 to being flipped off.

But, it wasn't all rosy: there was one car who had a very angry young man who decided to yell "FUCKING FAGGOTS!" and nearly popped a vein in his neck, but really I think it was more for reaction than his real feelings. I guess in Napa it's hard to tell... Another of our group has some very effed-up opinions shared with her regarding same-sex marriage and her children (she has two she adopted from foster care). The jerk just reminded us all of the bigotry and misunderstanding that is really behind the push for yes on 8.

Next weekend, we plan to do the same, but gather in South Napa Marketplace near Home Depot. Please get or stay in touch if you'd like more information.

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