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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hundreds attend Prop 8 rally and counter-protest in Napa

[Update: looking for info on Prop 8 protests after the November vote? Click here.
This current post is about protests and rallies that occurred in Napa in October 2008]

Lianne Milton/Register ( pics were on my friends cam. )

Saturday's rally and counter-protest saw a pretty even split between Yes on 8 supporters and the counter protesters at the intersection of Jefferson St. & Lincoln in front of Napa's School District Auditorium. Estimates from reliable sources said that at peak periods there were about 100 supporters on each side of the issue. The rally started late in the morning, around 11:30 and went on for over 2 hours.

The Yes on 8 folks had a mini stage set up on the grass area at the corner of the intersection and were giving testimonies and speeches about the (ridiculous and unfounded) dangers of continuing to allow gay marriage...
  • continuing loss of the "sanctity" and cheapening of marriage
  • they will teach gay marriage in schools at young ages
  • gays will show up in the churches and DEMAND gay marriage in church
  • abortion

The Yes on 8 group's focus was also on Prop 4--parental notification of a minor's abortion--but the signs saying "Yes on 4, Protect Children from Predators" just looked out of place amongst the sea of people for and against 8. (By the way, for the truth behind some of the oppositions claims about what 8 would and would not do, click here.)

And I'm still confused about the signs that proclaimed that "Yes on 8 = less government"... and also about how the Mormon church is leading a campaign that says that marriage should be (and has been) between one man and one woman, when they were and believe in the future that God might want polygamy...

For the most part, the testimonies and speeches--loaded with fear-mongering and other conservative propaganda--continued every 10 minutes or so while the main bulk of people walked a loop from Lincoln down towards Jefferson and back. Yes and No on 8 backers were intermingled and respectful, although at times the No on 8 group got vocal with chants like, "No on 8, No on Hate!" and "Shame on you! Shame on you!" when the Yes on 8 speeches got more absurd (and yes, they actually used that tired line, "God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve").

It was good to see such a good turn out from the No on 8 folks, including Napa Valley Unity League members, recently married same-sex couples, straight allies and others. And, it looks like we need to continue our involvement, our talking to friends and family (especially in the more rural and less-open parts of the State), and donate to No on 8.

There's still other options to get involved this weekend and in the weeks ahead.

Anything about the rally or protest that I missed?

...and here's the Register's take on it.


  1. Just a note from Michigan. Another reason to get the Democratic vote out is to not only insure that you get a No on 8 vote, but also to keep Sarah Palin away from Washington. It was reported today that she is speaking out to the right of John McCain and suggesting we should have a FEDERAL marriage amendment. We've come too far to turn back now.

  2. Visit the new site dedicated to Napa's fight on No on 8 located at