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Monday, October 13, 2008

Drag Show Friday Oct 17 @ Napa Billiards, fundraiser for No on 8

Clear your calendars! This Friday, October 17th (around 11p), Napa Billiards is hosting another of its (locally) famous Drag Shows. This time, a substantial amount of the proceeds will be going to the No on 8 campaign--and it's needed! Yes on 8 has been flooding the TV, airwaves and even internets with their dishonest advertising. In these last 22 days before the election we need to make sure people know the truth about Prop 8, and vote NO! So why not have a great time while we're raising money? Get a group to come and enjoy: cabaret, good people, pool and The Valley's Other Fruit behind the bar serving beer.

In similar news, they haven't yet launched their monthly Noche Chueca (literally, noche chueca is Spanish for "crooked night"--and is playing around with the idea that the night is for all of us who aren't straight), but it's probably because they are giving a much needed face-lift to the Billiards. You'll see a sneak preview this Friday night.

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