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Thursday, September 11, 2008

More action options to keep same-sex marriage legal

This Saturday, after more depressing news that local churches were on the offensive in Napa to promote the ban on gay-marriage, I offered up some suggestions on how we can get off our asses and into some action.

Since then I've gotten word of additional ways to get involved, so here they are:
  • Keep talking about it to friends and family. Other readers of The Fruit have commented that people they know would be supporters don't even know it's coming up for a vote!

  • Saphire Lounge is hosting a "Black and White Party" fundraiser at the Double Tree in Rohnert Park on Friday, September 19

  • Late September Unity League fund raising party (info to come)

  • Get more sound bites, replies to frequently asked questions and important information from the "No on 8" site

  • Where in Napa (or nearby) can I get a yard sign for No on 8?
I am not sure who it is, because they are posting as "Anonymous", but comments to recent action on Prop 8 action--even here in "little old Napa" are worrysome:
"The proposition 8 supporters are planning an onslaught of ads beginning in October, and carpeting lawns with signs. Their recent "Protect Traditional Marriage" rally here in Napa only attracted about 90 people, most of them middle-aged (there were token young women to give intros,and one who said she's a grassroots organizer)

They CLAIM to have the biggest grassroots organizing for a ballot measure in California history. They also CLAIM that they're harassed&called bigots when they go door-to-door. Be ready to be painted as the enemy.

At the rally,one man contrasted heterosexual marriage "union for a common good" to homosexual marriage as "private choices for their own ends." He also said equated getting a marriage certificate with getting a doctor's license,basically,letting any couple (gay or straight) is like letting ANYONE practice medicine,rendering marriage meaningless. Of course,there were the "gay marriage leads to polygamy and bestiality" arguments.

Prop. 8 is attempting to appeal to young people with but I didn't see many of them. This "rally" I went to at Cornerstone Ministry was as lively as Marie Callender's at Sunday brunch."
What are you doing to protect the same-sex right to marriage? How do you plan to get involved?

1 comment:

  1. You can get road signs VOTE NO ON the Democratic Headquarters for free in Downtown Napa...The office is across the street from the book store that sadly just closed in Downtown.....On the left just before the "Mall" entrance to Myrvyns...

    Both of my no on 8 sighns were stolen and I will replace