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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Black Cat Napa closed

So, this isn't exactly breaking news, being that sources say the Black Cat has been closed for between four to six months and a "for lease" sign has been up on the building for a while as well--but I thought that since the term, "Black Cat" "Napa", is still one of our top searched for items here on the Valley's Other Fruit that I would update our visitors to let them know...

While I never got a chance to visit, the Black Cat Club (Private Party) had its loyal fans and visitors and quite the reputation (when I first started this blog, rumors of this weekend gay party had me very curious. An underground gay club in Napa??). The Black Cat was billed as a "philanthropic minded social club for gay men" where for a cover charge and/or the price of drinks you could socialize--in Napa!--with other gay men over a drinks in a very gay friendly environment. I'm sure you readers could fill in the descriptive details about what you loved, disliked or enjoyed about the Black Cat. In spite of salacious rumors (porn! drugs! gogo boys! hooking up!), the Black Cat was a gay bar and gathering spot for gay men when Napa didn't have any gay bars...

Due to personal reasons, the owner of the daytime florist/design shop that housed the Black Cat on Friday and Saturday nights has decided to close its doors.

Please leave your thoughts, memories, experiences and well-wishes to the proprietor of the Black Cat in the comments.

Will Napa ever get a legit, out-in-the-open gay spot?
In the meantime, thanks to Napa's Guerilla Gay Bar for providing something.

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