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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Changing owners at gay-friendly Napa Billiards

The background story has come in:

Napa Billiards will most likely be changing ownership in the next month or so. Although the potential new owners have stated that they are supportive of an open-minded clientele, only time will tell regarding their actual commitment.

While at times awkward, the mostly respectful mix of straight, gay, trans and everything in between has found a place to come together over the last couple of years at Napa Billiards--which has been Napa's most openly gay-friendly spot, especially for the latino community. Napa Billiards is one of a few of Napa's gay-owned businesses, they are also one of the only known spots in Napa that continually has displayed the rainbow flag (up until recently, that is).

For now, this Friday's drag show will be the last at Napa Billiards. Come to mourn the changing ownership, come for beer specials and--if you're into hot ladies that are really latin dudes putting on a spectacularly fun show--a guaranteed good time. Plus, I'll be helping out behind the bar. ;)

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