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Thursday, August 28, 2008

And now for your gay news update

A roundup of queer news that recently caught my attention from the blogs and the nets:
  • LGBT for Obama launches. Contributions from many big (and not so big) LGBT bloggers make for informative and worthwhile reading.

  • From a multi-University study: it looks like legally recognized same-sex relationships end up lasting longer than "those without a legal status".

  • An exorcist writing in Westminster (in the UK) explains that homosexuality (don't worry: promiscuity and pornography, too) can lead to demonic possession. As much as the headline caught my attention and made me chuckle, I think that spirituality is an important thing for us gays to be paying attention to. And after seeing The Exorcism of Emily Rose I wouldn't f*ck with evil spirits.

  • Hallmark's new (boring) same-sex mar--I mean, congratulations cards, are getting them into a boycott from the American Family Association (these are the same people who were boycotting McDonald's). Their comment, "We’ve all given or received Hallmark Cards – remember their slogan – ‘when you care enough to send the very best.’ But promoting same-sex marriage for profit is not the very best for families or our nation."

  • The San Diego Hyatt hotel boycott encouraged by LGBT groups (and supportive hotel and labor unions) upset with the chain's support of Proposition 8 seems to be working: The CFO admitted (not publicly), in a recent email, that the boycott could have dire consequences and end up costing them millions of dollars. Keep it up for equality!

  • The California Department of Corrections tentatively approved new policy to allow same-sex inmates to marry. This might open up all sorts of unforseen issues, especially in the segregated prison system where marriage issues haven't come up due to segregation of same-sex inmates.

  • The Equality Forum reports that 471 of the Nation's 500 biggest companies offer protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation. That's 94%, and is up from 64% of companies in 2003. Half of the companies that do not offer that protection are in Texas. Draw your own conclusions.
Comments on these articles? Should I keep posting news or are you already reading it and getting what you need somewhere else?


  1. It's disappointing to learn of fellow Americans who would stoop to peddling lies to support their position. Google "Six Consequences if Proposition 8 Fails" ... these are six totally false talking points that the "Yes on 8" campaign is trying to use to fire up their target voters. Anyone who bothers to study the issue will quickly learn that these six "consequences" are total fabrications and sad examples of ugly fearmongering from the "Yes on 8" campaign. Shame.

  2. I enjoy reading your news digests and, no, I'm not reading this news elsewhere. (We don't exactly have an excess of gay reporting here in Montana.)
    I particularly enjoyed your coverage of the death of Del Martin. Very moving.