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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Was that you in the bushes? Napa's "Cruisy Spot" (according to Damron)

So, I attended GLAM's grand opening party weeks back in downtown Petaluma and won some swag to bring home: A 2008 DAMRON travel guide. Maybe I'm not as in-the-gay-know as I thought: I had never heard of the Damron guide... It seems pretty handy, has thousands and thousands of listings of gay-friendly spots around the world: restaurants, accomodations, shops, bars, and my favorite for the most interesting entries: "Cruisy Spots". (Who does their research on that one?)

According to Damron 2008, Napa's one Cruisy Spot is the:
"VISTA POINT [AYOR] Route 12/121 bridge over Napa River, Napa Parking lot & nearby woods N of bridge on E side"

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Yeah. The Grape-Crusher. Ha! I had heard rumors (but of course, have never gone myself) that this was a hot spot for gay-sex pick-ups, but I guess I didn't really have any hard (no pun intended) evidence.

By the way, the [AYOR] in Damron's listing means "At Your Own Risk" if you hadn't figured that out. Isn't at your own risk implied in picking up someone for gay sex at a roadside vista point?

Maybe I'll have to write up an investigave report on this one... Where exactly are these "nearby woods" that the Damron folks speak of? Are there special hand-signals or toe-taps to let others know that you aren't there just for the beautiful scenery? Where else are the hot cruising spots in and around the Valley?

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