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Monday, April 7, 2008

Updates coming soon, subcribe now!

By the way, since I'm just getting going here, I'm hoping to get my first posts up pretty frequently, but I'm not sure how quick I'll really be. Safest bet would be to use the handy tools I added on my sidebar to subscribe to be updated whenever I post new content. (If you're not tech savvy, I'd stick with the "email subscription". If you are tech savvy, go with the feed. If you don't know what a "feed" is, stick with the first option I gave you.) Feel free to let any gays or gay-friendly folk you know about the blog, and please, post comments, too.

If you care, I use feedburner to manage my feed and subscriptions. No one ever sees your email address and we all hate spam, so expect none. Image by

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