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Friday, April 25, 2008

Lost in translation: understanding gay lingo

I was out and about town today after work, and I stopped to grab an iced tea at a local coffee-shop. The barista(?) looked friendly (to our people) , and I had some blog postcards with me so I thought I'd see if they'd help us get the word out about the blog.

When I showed her the postcard, she looked it over, smiled and asked me (seriously), "What's Ulgabutt?"

I had to think for a bit...and then told her, "Oh! L-G-B-T means for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual and Transgender." She smiled again, seemed to "get-it" and then commented that, duh, she should've known from the rainbows in the vineyard. Maybe she should've known, maybe not.

Either way, I've noticed that some friends, coworkers, etc. keeping up on the gay Napa news are not only new to blog reading, but also fairly new to the gay lingo. Trust me, hang around the gays long enough, and you'll be sure to pick up a word or two.

For those that haven't taken the video course to gay terminology, we thought that we could at least do a small part to help out by posting common gay lingo (queeringo, if you will) and what it means. You can find all of our listed words (as we add them) under the "gaytionary" label.

First up: LGBT.

What other words could you use some gay-help in understanding?

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  1. Now this is really enjoyable. There should be more terms to put up on here. People should at least submit one word with the meaning and an example. That would be great!