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Monday, July 5, 2010

Unity League contingent in Napa's 4th of July parade: vid, pics, write-up

Above is the embedded video (click through to the blog if you can't see it) and here is Chris Edwards' write-up about the Unity League contingent in the City of Napa's 2nd Annual 4th of July parade (use the comments section to add your own thoughts):
Great job by TJ Danser in leading this year’s parade contingent in the Napa Sunrise Rotary’s 4th of July Parade!

The parade was led by Fish and gang carrying the Unity League Banner. DJ Rotten Robbie and his partner Eric walked the streets hand in hand alongside Deb and Carol’s Smart Car. They inspired the crowds concerning unity and equality for all.

Michele, Josie, Scott, Wally the dog and I rode in the convertible escorted by David, TJ, our friend on the bike whose name has slipped my mind as well as Lola and Mickey. The highlight was Terri Curd with rainbow feathers accompanied by a huge smile waving from the fully decked-out Cristal Blue Carriage limo supplied by Chris & Bill. With Terri’s daughter and friends in tow, the crowds were inspired with a good cheer and diversity. We had a few new faces and others helping out as well, whose names have now slipped me after a glass of wine.

During the live broadcast of the parade on 99.3 THE VINE, “Kellie in the Morning” suggested we had the most festive and colorful contingent to a huge cheer from the crowd watching.

Thanks to all, especially TJ, for reminding us of the fun and that we need to participate as we are diverse colors, faces and ideas making up the fabric of our Napa Community.

Thanks all until year!
Chris Edwards

P.S. – Don’t forget about the special Napa Valley Unity League Mixer & Meeting on Monday, July 5th! We’ll be meeting outdoors on the patio by the pool at Riverpointe Napa Valley starting at 6:00 p.m.