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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pride Weekend: how are you celebrating?

It's the big Pride weekend in many places across the United States and even internationally. Hopefully you've rested and recovered after the 20 events that took place for Pride in Napa last week, cuz this weekend looks to be amazing.

Here in the Bay Area, it's usually to San Francisco for the Trans March, the Dyke March, Dolores Park, the Pink Party, the big Pride Parade down Market, the Pride Celebration (Festival) at Civic Center and many more... This year marks the 40th anniversary of San Francisco Pride, and I'm ready for something fabulous!

What's your favorite way, place to (or favorite memory of) celebrating big Pride Weekend? Share links, photos, stories in the comments, pretty please?

Oh, and here's a soundtrack for the weekend (suggest your favorite station, music or DJ in the comments).