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Friday, June 18, 2010

Napa Pride day 7: big Pride dance for 21+, youth movie night, Fri, June 18, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010's Pride night festivities include the "You Can Leave Your Hat On" Pride Dance as well as a youth movie night:
  • 6p (VIP), 7p (dance) -midnight: "You Can Leave Your Hat On!" Pride celebration, dance, food at Made In Napa Culinary Centre
    As we mentioned weeks ago, Friday's big Pride dance is for the 21+. If last year's dances and this week's events are any indication of the energy, crowd, fun, love and craziness, this dance is going to be incredible. Basically, for $35 at the door, you get unlimited drinks and dancing from 7p - 11p. For slightly higher ticket prices, you can get VIP which includes an amazing meal at 6p and coffee and desserts after the last song plays at 11p. The proceeds of the evening go towards Relay for Life.

  • 7p-9:30p: "Rocky Horror Picture Show" youth movie night at location to be announced
    The location has changed recently so please follow the link to get the latest information. While the "adults" are enjoying their dance, we'll be doing the Time Warp! Join us for a very special screening of the film--and guess what!? It's Free!
There's only a few days left for the festivities, better soak it all in! For a list of the rest of the week's events for Napa Valley LGBTQ Pride 2010. click here.