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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Napa Pride day 5: fundraiser at Gott's Roadside for Relay for Life, Weds, June 16, 2010

Feeling rested? Because today, Napa's Pride events pick up right where they left off. And I saw plenty of you folks out at the Oxbow last night to know you weren't resting on your laurels. And, if you were at Gott's on Tuesday, today's your chance to order what you didn't get to last night (secret menu favorites, anyone?).

So, what Pride-ful event is in store for today?
  • 2p-9p: Gott's Roadside Tray Gourmet Relay for Life Fundraiser, Napa
    Show up at Gott's Roadside's Napa/Oxbow location today between 2p and 9p with this flyer (or go green and don't print anything! just say, "Relay for Life" or "Napa Valley Pride" when you order) and 10% of your bill will go to Napa's Relay for Life on behalf of Napa's LGBT Community
I haven't heard official word, yet, but I imagine folks from the Guerilla Gay Bar and others will gather together for dinner at 6ish, just like at the Mary's Pizza fundraiser. Can anyone confirm when they're going? It's so much more fun in a group!

While you're at it, clear your calendar for the rest of the week and fill it up with the other events we have planned for Napa Valley LGBTQ Pride 2010--including the big 21+ Pride dance Friday night--click here.