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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Don't Ask, Don't Tell committee vote this morning

The Armed Services Senate Committee will be voting this morning on including a repeal (or more likely, the compromise--here's a good summary) of Don't Ask Don't Tell as part of this year's Defense Authorization Bill.

Of course, conservative groups are going nuts and spreading lies in a last-minute attempt to stop our military from supporting equality and healthy openness.

Senator John McCain, AZ, has both vowed to filibuster to prevent the DADT repeal from getting voted on as well as demanding a televised vote. I can't find the video stream yet to embed, but will as soon as I find it. The vote is expected at 9a Pacific Time (Noon Eastern).

Of course, many consider this a political stunt/ploy by McCain to get more TeaBaggers in Arizona to love/vote for him this November as he gives a big, dramatic speech (now on TV) about why a DADT will mean the end of humanity, our military, etc. and why John McCain will save the world if you vote for him--err...don't include DADT in the bill.

More news later.

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  1. I believe DADT is the worst of the current anti-gay US laws because it requires punishment simply for being gay. While other anti-gay laws deny rights, they don't require direct punishment. Please join me in telling our elected representatives including Obama, to end the punishment and official stigmatization now, not years from now, by signing my petition and every other one you can find on Change. org, at GetEqual, Couragecampain, HRC and any others you can find. My petition is at: