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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Let the census know you're queer

I got my census form in the mail today and was surprised at its simplicity. This is the first one I've ever had to fill out. I've been reading around the net about it lately and seeing all kinds of announcements about making sure everyone (especially minority groups) are counted--and reassuring folks its safe to "come out" on the Census.

Of course that got me thinking about Coming Out on the Census.

While much has changed in how the government views the gays, there is still know question of LGB or T on the Census. However, you *can* identify as a same-sex couple (married or partnered) and those numbers will be released for the first time ever. Lots of different places use the Census data to reapportion congressional seats, prove and disprove all kids of theories, and of course to know how many of us are really out there.

Go to Our Families Count for information on how to fill out the Census form as a same-sex couple.

For information on pushing to include more LGBT info in future censuses (and even seal your envelope this year w/ a gay, pink sticker that lets them know this year, even though they're not counting) visit Queer the Census.

Are you going gay and married on your census this year? Big deal? Easy as pie? Share what you think.

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