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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Same-sex election results: Maine, Washington, others: BREAKING NEWS

Today was the big day, votes in at least two states on major same-sex issues. The results are not in yet, but with the East Coast three hours ahead, information is starting to come in. I'll keep you posted as I get the information:

Question 1 in Maine: would repeal same-sex marriage that is already legal there
  • As of 10:40p CA time, Associated Press declares the same-sex marriage repeal the winner, with 53% of the vote. Others still say it's too close to count.
  • As of 9:45p CA time, the ban on same-sex marriage is winning, 52.6% to 47.4% (with 84% precincts reporting and 25,374 votes giving the lead)
  • At 9p CA time, Chicago's Windy City Times calls Maine vote "Too close to call"
  • As of 7:38p CA time, it is tied, with 15 more votes going towards taking away same-sex marriage
  • As of 7:01p CA time, it is losing, 52% to 48% meaning same-sex marriage would stay legal
    [find up-to-the-minute results here]
Referendum 71 in Washington State: would protect the state's recently expanded domestic partnerships law that allows for all the same state rights and privileges as marriage but not the word marriage
  • Correction: As of 9:45p CA time, the "everything but the word marriage" law is looking like it will stay in law, 51.13% to 48.87%
  • As of 6:52p CA time, polls are still open until 8p, results will come then
    [find up-to-the-minute results here]
Ordinance 1856 in Kalamazoo: would add protections for gay and transgender people to the city's nondiscrimination ordinance
  • As of 6:52p California time, 65% of voters have approved the ordinance and the Yes on 1856/One Kalamazoo campaign has declared a victory!
    [find details here]
[Thanks to Rick T for clarifying some detail issues w/ my Washington State bullets] Am I missing any important LGBT votes that you'd like to get updates on? Use the comments section!


  1. Just to clarify - Washington State has had domestic partnerships for some time.

    Within the last year duly-elected legislature passed an "everything but marriage" bill. It bestows the same rights and responsibilities on registered domestic partners (including opposite sex domestic partners) as those of married couples. The duly-elected governor signed the bill.

    Referendum 71, put on the ballot through the initiative process by those wanting to stop the new law from going into effect, asks the people of Washington State to approve or reject the new law.

    A vote to "approve" 71 would allow the "Everything But Marriage" law to go into effect.

    A vote to "reject" 71 would prevent the "Everything But Marriage law to go into effect. It would not, however, invalidate existing or future domestic partnership agreements.

    The "Reject 71" campaign was VERY dishonest. They continually led the people of Washington State to believe that this was a referendum on "Homosexual" Marriage (their campaign signs actually said "Marriage = One Man & One Woman"). If you have to campaign against an issue that really isn't the issue in question then you are truly on shaky ground.

    This also throws a money-wrench into their usual argument that they are trying to "protect marriage". This had nothing to do with marriage - I'll let you figure out for yourself what their concerns really are.

  2. Also, you need to double check your numbers.

    Your 55.46/44.54 numbers are actually for Initiative 1033 which is a tax-related initiative.

    At 9:45 pm the Referendum 71 numbers are actually:

    Approve = 51.13%
    Reject = 48.87%

    Remember - if the voters approve Referendum 71 then the "Everything But Marriage" Domestic Partnership law passed by the legislature will be implemented.