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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Coming Out Stories: Christian

Conversations from the Heart is the theme of this National Coming Out Day (this Sunday, October 11) and I hope that these stories, from local friends of the Fruit, help heal, help open up hearts and minds and help us feel a little more connected. I'll be sharing stories all weekend. A special thanks goes to those who took the time to contribute. I know that people stay in the closet or come out for a variety of reasons and a variety of ways and I believe it's important to honor people's decisions about when they are truly ready. This blog has a policy of not outing anyone unless they say it's okay. That being said, it is important we tell our stories and let those who matter to us know and see our true selves.

We heard from Marie yesterday, so here's Christian, part 2 in the series:

photo by stuant63

I grew up in Healdsburg, Ca, a pretty small town. I grew up a little differently than most kids, a child of divorce and my mom was working double shifts in restaurants and bars, trying to provide for us and keep us in the lifestyle we knew before. So i grew up with nannies some from Sweden, Spain, Germany, japan and some from California. I was exposed to a lot of different kinds of music and books it was amazing. I knew from a very young age i was gay or at least different. I was never interested in girls except as best friends. When i saw the movie titanic i was pissed at Kate Winslet for letting Leonardo DiCaprio drown. I started getting the hint i wasn't into girls. I never really felt the need to come out to friends or family i always felt like it was unfair that society makes you feel like you HAVE to. Do straight people have to come out as straight to me? it still confuses me to this day.

After high school i packed all my things and decided to move to LA. The day i was leaving I told my mom " I'm going to tell you something, your reaction will effect our relationship forever, I'm gay I've known since i was young and i haven't told you until this point because when we were younger you said something to me and my brothers, you said none of you better ever turn out to be gay, and that really effected me for a while now, but I'm telling you now I'm gay and if you support me we will still be close and nothing will change but if you have a problem with it i know our relationship will have a big void in it from now on" my mom started crying and said shes sorry she ever said that comment and that she loves me no matter what." After that moment i came out to my friends and got nothing but great positive reactions. Now years later my mom is someone i talk to about all my relationships all my dates everything she is so supportive and amazing i never knew how much coming out really affected my life until i sat down and thought about it. I recently read a really great book called "Prayers for Bobby" and it really changed my life. For anyone no matter what age my advice for you is to come out and never look back...

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