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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Energy 92.7 FM off the air? BREAKING NEWS

[Update, Nov 6, 2009: F & G have since returned to the air, broadcasting on Movin' 99.7 FM in the SF Bay Area and online. Go here for details.]

Use the comments on this post to let us know what you loved and will miss most about Energy 92.7 FM.


WTF?? I'm not sure what's really happening because I didn't have the radio on this evening, but I was reading through the Energy 92.7 FM stream on Facebook and read this. Energy is my (and many in the Bay Area's) favorite radio and dance music station, which--as commenter Chris nicely pointed out--was "a unique...station that super-served the LGBT community. There is nothing else like it in the entire country."

Update, 11:26 PM: a friend of a friend of the fruit updated us, "The station was bought for $6.5 million. It's now “92.7 REV – The Revolution“. All the Energy guys lost their jobs. I miss Fernando and Greg :("

Update, 11:31 PM: it's hip-hop/pop music. So much for a "revolution".

Update, 11:52 PM: SFBG Music Blog has details on the switcheroo and Radio Online has more of the business change details. Either way the news sucks.

Update, 12:41 AM: DJ Trevor Simpson lets us know (via the post image to the right) that the heart of Energy will live on via ClubbersCommute. (h/t @drklordhippster)

The original news break follows...
(8 hours ago) Tune into Energy 92.7 right now until 3pm...on the dial or Channel 964 on Comcast...

(6 hours ago) It was supposed to be 3pm...So stay tuned because we don't know what to tell you now! It's out of our hands. Just remember to come to The Lookout tomorrow for the very last Energy event with Fernando & Greg and the entire Energy crew...

UPDATE: It looks like we'll be on the air longer than previously mentioned. Stay tuned for updates. We'll post them as we get them.

(4 hours ago) Energy friends, we are sitting together in a living room reading your comments and reminiscing with our own. As you are coming to this page to be with others who are sharing the memories and feelings of loss, we (Energy Staff) are coming to this pag...e to join you. It wasn't just a job to any of us. We are all fans, just like you. It changed our lives to be part of something so monumental. -for now, we dance-

(4 hours ago) Dear fans, we are not controlling the programming. We are listening with you and we are in the same boat. The music is programmed to run until the flip happens to the next station. Thank you again for all your kind words and memories.

(2 hours ago)The Energy still lives! Keep it rocking until they pull the plug. It's out of our hands now. We love you all and appreciate your comments today. We'll see you at The Lookout tomorrow for our final Energy event from 5-9pm.

(about an hour ago) We are over everyone. We love you all. Please come party with us tomorrow at The Lookout from 5pm to 9pm with the entire Energy staff. We appreciate you all.
Anyone have any other news on this? Where can we find dance music on the dial (for folks in cars)? On the net (for folks on computers)?

[Update, 9:24 AM: Thanks to DJ Rotten Robbie for his memory of an intimate/acoustic Energy performance by Robyn at the W with "Every Heartbeat" from February 2008. It's definitely an appropriate memorial song, click through for the video, embedded on the blog.]


  1. Energy will really be missed. It was a unique dance station that super-served the LGBT community. There is nothing else like it in the entire country. It's a sad day for dance radio as we lose another FM station to Top 40. I run and welcome anyone who would like to tune in to continue hearing upbeat dance hits.

  2. Wait what!?!?! How could this happen!?!?! This was the only radio station I listened to...

  3. This is horrible! Energy was a great station, who the hell do those people think they are jsut buying them off like that! this is an OUTRAGE! Energry needs to stay because it is a great station.