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Friday, August 21, 2009

Evangelical Lutheran Church vows support of same-gender couples

One of the organizations I follow, Soulforce, emailed out a special blast with some important national news:
Today the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) passed a resolution stating that it will commit itself to find a way to allow congregations that choose to do so to recognize, support and hold publicly accountable, lifelong, monogamous, same-gender relationships. Additionally, the voting members passed another resolution stating that the ELCA is committed to find a way for people in such publicly accountable, lifelong, monogamous, same-gender relationships to serve as rostered leaders of the church.
In line with its decision to support same-sex couples, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America also lifted the ban on gay, partnered clergy, (Thanks for the tip, Karen) allowing them to serve openly in the church.

Locally, you can find this flavor of Lutheran at the Napa Valley Lutheran Church, 1796 Elm Street (at the corner of Jefferson, with the neon blue cross) in Napa. However, be careful not to confuse it with St. John's Lutheran on Linda Vista, which is part of the Missouri Synod that seemingly is not connected with today's same-sex supportive ruling. But I'm no Lutheran expert, so please fill in any details if you know.

[Update, 10am: Additionally and before the vote, 95 (remember Martin Luther's 95 theses?) gay, Lutheran clergy members came out in a booklet titled, "One Table, Many Blessings," to speak about how the ban on openly gay clergy has affected their lives.]

Soulforce began in 1998 and it works for "freedom for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people from religious and political oppression through the practice of relentless nonviolent resistance." You can find them online at


  1. The only people that have ever been sooooo hurtful in Napa for me (myself) and then my partner and I, are people from the Lutheran Church on Linda Vista... stemming from friends in High School and inlaw family now over 10 years later. You *in my mind* are right about the not accepting part.

    Can someone give "even me" a better look at that church AND private elementary school? I want to not believe what I have experienced.

  2. This is just appalling. If Luther, the late German Christian protester, would still be here…where the denomination “Lutherans” derived from, he would be stunned and completely disappointed in this horrible abomination to the Word of God and the Gospel. I totally am against this election. When God created “man” he created Adam and Eve, NOT Adam and STEVE!!! Hello people. This is a direct form of disobedience to God. And this is happening in a Church, a denomination that professes to know the Word of God???? Please, God will have to deal with you guys…and it won’t be pretty.