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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Napa LGBTQ & allies in 4th of July parade, Saturday: come join us!

photo by dbking

Napa's queer organizers are at it again, in a very good way...and looks like our home-town Fourth of July Parade might finally get some brighter color in it!

I just got invited via Facebook, and thought I'd include all the friends of The Fruit, too:

The Parade Theme this year is "LET FREEDOM RING"

Participating Organizations are Napa Valley Unity League, Napa Valley Equality Coalition, PFLAG, LGBT Youth & their supportive friends and others


IF YOU WANT TO MARCH, JOIN US at 10:00 AM - at 3rd Street and Wilson in front of the Register Building. We're contingent number 30a.

WEAR your favorite colorful t-shirt with a gay-positive message on it and/or bring a sign to carry with a message appropriate for the event.

THE PARADE WILL BEGIN at 11:30 AM and is estimated to last 1.5 hours

The parade goes all the way down 5th to Coombs, Right on Coombs, then a LEFT on 4th and disbands at 4th and Randolph. So you can have a great view along 5th, or Coombs or 4th Street. The parade is estimated to last 1.5 hours – prepare yourself for a hot day (bring water and sunscreen)

If you have any questions please contact Renee
For the full invite or to RSVP online, visit the invite's Facebook page. Thoughts on the theme of our contingent? Napa's parades in general? Your participation (or non-participation)? Plans for the 4th?

rainbow umbrella marcher photo by thaths


  1. it would have been good to have a little more notice. it also seems like everything is gay marriage related these days. even the napa gay pride parade looked like a no on 8 rally. why does everything need to be political all the time?

  2. As far as I can tell from the invite, it says nothing of gay marriage, it says our theme is "freedom for everyone". Kind of reminds me more of the pledge of allegiance ("...with liberty and justice, for all").

  3. love that the community can join and be a part of the parade. however, it's the fourth of july guys :/
    stop with the rallying for a day and just celebrate being a part of the napa community and of this country. that's what the fourth of july is about. leave politics at home for at least a day

  4. Members of the Unity League first learned about the opportunity to be in this parade. In response to Anonymous: being in this parade is about being a part of the Napa Community. Fact is LGBT people are part of this community. We were invited to participate and say who we are just as the Rotary, Kiwanis, Salvation Army, Wells Fargo Bank are able to do. I will march to celebrate being a part of this community and my desire to do this has nothing to do with gay marriage.

  5. (also anonymous)

    Wish I would have seen this earlier; I would have gone downtown just to watch from the sidelines (cheer, clap, and say "hi").

    Otherwise, came across this from Howard Stern
    and thought it might be of interest.

  6. Why does our fight for our marriage rights bother you?For some of us, the loss of marriage rights is very significant. It is not political as one might discuss Presidential nominees or other issues. It is something that matters very much to many of us with families and children. I have committed to making it about gay marriage with every conversation I have until LGBT people can once again have access to the civil institution of marriage. It is far more than a political issue. It is a denial of rightsand it is wrong. I have straight friends who are as indignant about it as we are. While I understand that some people came down to march just to celebrate being a part of the community, I did not. My community is my family and Yountville and I would much rather have been with my family and neighbors on the fourth of July morning. However, I marched because of Prop 8. I marched because on Independence Day gay people have been denied freedom and I, along with many others have vowed not to let the issue go away. I respect your opinion to not be concerned about it, but for many people gay and straight, the denial of a civil right and the atrocity of Prop 8 will keep us making it "about gay marriage" until the wrong is righted.It's the 4th of July- a day to celebrate freedom. Make sure you let everyone know that some of us have been denied them.- Renee Fannin( couldnt figure out how to post and use my name)