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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Napa and marriage equality: Thoughts on last night's meeting

What are your thoughts on last night's marriage equality meeting held in Napa?


  1. That there were only 7 people there total not counting the pollster who drove up from Oakland. If you subtract the two organizers and our spouses, there were only 3 people there. The data presentation was good, but the point of the meeting was to send info on how Napa County feels about moving forward and there wasn't much input to provide with only 3 people present.- Renee

  2. As one of the organizers, I was surprised at the low turnout. What I'm wondering is whether that is an indication of how the Napa LGBT community feels about the continuing focus on marriage equality (as opposed to fighting DOMA; Don't Ask, Don't Tell; ENDA; etc.) or was it just bad timing for the meeting. -Paul