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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Big gay wine tasting bus back to Napa with Fernando & Greg, August 1

After the big, gay success of their first trip to Napa for wine tasting, Fernando and Greg are coming back to Napa (with the big gay bus full of their friends) on Saturday, August 1st.

This time they're starting at Artesa heading to "the Room" at Flora Springs and then ending their debauchery atop Sterling. Tickets for those coming up from San Francisco are $75, but I say we crash the party at each stop. We can be wino roadies (with designated drivers, of course).


  1. Hey guys - I hate to be a party pooper, but the best way to participate is to purchase the tickets and head on up. Much of the event will be in private areas and you won't get much opportunity to talk to Fern and Greg (sadly, I know) - the last bus up to Napa was awesome, and this one will be as well! I've been working with the wineries and the radio station to put these events together and we'd love to have a Napa contingency on the bus!! Hope to see you on the bus!!

  2. @Vikto, thanks for commenting! You're not poopin' on the party, I appreciate your recommendation. Is there a special price we can get if we provide our own transport? Just in case any Napa gays aren't feeling like driving down to the Castro to board the bus to come back to Napa...etc.