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Friday, June 19, 2009

Napa Valley Pride on the radio w/ Kellie in the morning

Not sure how many of ya'll listen to Kellie in the Morning on local radio (Weekday Mornings on 1440 KVON AM & 99.3 THE VINE FM, 6 to 9am), but reports are that it's a favorite of many a Napan. Our Napa Valley Pride 2009 festivities are lucky enough to have Kellie as our honorary Grand Marshall for the Pride Picnic and Sidewalk Pride Walk on Saturday morning, and she's been fulfilling her role fabulously. Even the radio station is in on helping us promote our community and events!

Tuesday morning's show featured a six-some of locals talking queer and personal with Kellie. Click the links to download or stream the clips. Thanks to Kellie and Rob from the radio station for sharing...and for the station for inviting local LGBT folk and allies to share their stories. Thank you to the locals for sharing themselves and hopefully, ultimately, opening hearts and minds:

1 comment:

  1. Kelly-I have a child care center through NVUSD. The
    kids and I were sitting on the sidewalk in front of Napa Bowl. We had to wait 20min. for the bus so I pulled out our sidewalk chalk and we began to draw. Well this man came running out of the alley yelling at us to stop, saying I was teaching the kids to do graffiti. I said that it was just chalk but he still kept yelling at us. I needed to make this a teachable moment so we put the chalk away because we wanted to be respectful. I called the city community communication department when we got back to school and they said as far as they knew there was no ordinance to stop drawing with chalk on the sidewalk. I also called the Mayor's office. She hasn't gotten back to me yet. Do any of you or your listeners know of an ordinance that prohibits drawing with chalk on the sidewalk? If so please let me know so when we have to wait for the bus again I'll think of something else that will entertain 40 4-11 yr. old children. Thanks, Kathy Mathe Camp Fun in the Sun