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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

When will Supreme Court issue Prop 8 decision? 4 3 probable dates

This update comes way of Pam'sHouseBlend who's putting their money on the following dates for the Supreme Court's Announcement regarding the Proposition 8 decision (Should Prop 8 get thrown out? Should the 18,000 legally married couples be able to stay legally married even if Prop 8 remains?). Because of the way the court issues it's rulings, their best educated predictions for the Day of Decision are:
Thursday, May 21
Tuesday, May 26
Thursday, May 28
Monday, June 1

Please notice that Decision Day can now be on a TUESDAY because the Supreme Court will be closed on Memorial Day Monday.

All California courts will be closed on Monday, May 25 for Memorial Day. So the filing of any opinion by the California Supreme Court that would normally occur on this day will shift to TUESDAY, May 26 at 10:00 a.m.

Apparently the court only issues rulings on Mondays and Thursdays. And, in spite of TONS of swirling e-rumors, the Court issued their calendar of rulings for tomorrow (Thursday, May 21) and it did not make the list.

Remember, Napa's pro-equality folks have an event planned for either way the Court rules. Stay tuned...

With Napa's Chef's Market starting this Thursday and going through summer, there's a 1/3 chance that we'll be celebrating or angrily marching on the same night as the Market. That might be a good thing.

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