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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Meet in the Middle for Equality: from Napa to Fresno this Sat, May 30?

I have spoken before about what I truly think will help us win over California (and eventually the Nation, the World) for equality, and it's the same thing that was preached at the rally on Tuesday and by Harvey Milk and countless others. We'll win over our friends, our family, our neighbors and coworkers--not all of them, but lots of them--by being our true selves. By coming out and speaking our truth. By talking about the joy, the pain, the love, the struggle, the power and meaning of being LGBT or even questioning. And doing it in places where it's not easy.

And we're starting in the middle: Fresno.
Sat May 30, 1:00pm - Fresno, CA - City Hall

That's a similar motive behind what organizers have planned for this Saturday in Fresno, California. Sure we can rally and protest in the big, supportive cities like San Francisco. But what lost us the Prop 8 vote was mostly the Central Valley. With that in mind, this Saturday, May 30, there is Meet in the Middle for Equality. A rally, an event and an action to start winning over the hearts and minds of our fellow Californians in the heartland and suburbs and rural areas of the state.

Go to Meet in the Middle 4 Equality for more information.

I know you readers of the Fruit are often quiet in the comments, but a local wrote in and is wondering: is there a caravan going to Fresno this Saturday? "It would be nice if we had a group from Napa Valley to go show our support together as a group." Use the comments section to reply.

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