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Monday, April 6, 2009

The very first post on the Valley's Other Fruit: One year ago...

Way back in early Spring of 2008, even though I had grown up in Napa, I had only been "out" for a handful of years and I was looking for more of the LGBT community to connect with. The Napa I knew was not very gay or gay-friendly, but I figured there had to be queer folk and gay-friendly people here and--for God's sake--something going on, right? I toyed with the idea of starting a blog to share the news of what I might find and on April 6, 2008 I send my very first post out onto the wide reaches of the internets.

Since then, we have published 539 posts on a wide range of topics, news, issues, events, gossip and other fun things. In honor of The Valley's Other Fruit's one-year blogoversary, in addition to our celebration this evening, here is a re-publish of my very first post.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Please tell me there's gays here...

Firstly, welcome!

If you're reading this then (thank God!) you must be one of Napa's gay or gay-friendly (not to be exclusive, the lesbians, bi's and transexuals are all welcome).

Here's the deal: I've grown up in Napa for most of my (gay, yet previously closeted) life. I went to school here, then commuted to college and now I continue to work and live here. For better or for worse, I call Napa my home. Classmates and friends have come and gone (and some come back a second time around), but I've pretty much been here the whole time. Three years ago I took the leap and began coming out to close friends and family, and now I'm looking to get more connected with a newer, queerer part of my community.

It's not easy, though. Napa's got a whole lot more wine than diversity. I definitely have my work cut out for me.

My straight friends (we're mostly in our mid to late 20s) complain that there's nothing cool to do here...and admittedly, there isn't much. Unless you like tours or expensive food. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of both (especially if they both involve alcohol) but I'm looking for places where the gays and gay friendly are! There's a huge arts community, so there have to be tons of us mixed in there...

As I search around the valley, I'll be checking out the caf├ęs, the shops, the bars, restaurants, nightlife, events, activities, clubs and more. Got a tip for me? The comment box is always open: (If you're worried: even if your email comes all pretty in pink, I'll be discrete with your identity).

I'm gonna need all the help I can get. Even's coverage of the valley is five years old and limited to Calistoga's mud baths, a few B&B's and some restaurants. (Okay, they do mention Napa's Opera House, but that's definitely more gray than gay.)

As good as I am at it, I can't just bitch about there being nothing to do. I should do something about it. This blog is my attempt at finding Napa Valley's other fruit (pun very much intended). In the mean time, I look forward to seeing you out and about. You know, give me the secret hand-signal...and be sure to post comments on the blog!

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