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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Taking over the "personals ads" for a day: worthwhile equality project?

Does the Napa Register even have personals? Not sure yet what I think about this, but looks like a fun project, just in from the tipline:
Want to get the same-sex marriage issue back in the media in a positive way? Want to make a memorable statement in a way that’s never been done before?

Join us in taking over statewide newspapers on Sunday, May 3rd!

Taking over statewide classifieds in the CA newspapers

The ads will need to be in the May 3rd paper, so make sure you submit yours with enough time to meet the deadline. Make sure your ad is not printed early!

We need as many people as possible to submit marriage equality classified or personal ads to publications in CA. Be as creative as you can, but make sure it is obvious you are talking about marriage equality. If you can submit multiple ads or hit numerous publications, please do so. We want to make sure no one will miss our ads, so the more that are submitted the better. If you want to submit half page or full page adds, please do that as well. If you can write in a foreign language, please consider submitting ads in newspapers that are published in different languages.

Classifieds are read by numerous people across the state. This is our chance to reach out to people in a humorous, non-confrontational way that will be remembered. While protests are great, they can’t be the only way we fight back. In order to keep our issue in the media, we will need to be more creative.


Lost - my right to marry the person I love. Last seen on November 4th, 2008. If seen, please return to law abiding, taxpaying citizen. It is dearly missed.

My Rights

Equal rights for minorities.

The right to marry the person I love. If anyone has a right to marry that they are not using, please let me know. This right must be non-revocable and available to all people regardless of their sexual orientation. Please call ASAP if you can help me secure equality for all.

My right to marry the person I love needs a good home since I am temporarily displaced from my Constitutional Protections. If you know of a place where I can protect my dream to marry him/her until I can get my rights back, please contact me.

Seeking responsible committed right to visit my spouse in the hospital when I travel out of state, ability to give my social security benefits to my spouse and seeking the 1,138 other federal rights denied my spouse at present . No flakes or substitutes need apply!
I think it might be more effective to overload a major newspaper (for instance SF Chronicle in our area) instead of taking out a handful of ads that might go unnoticed across multiple local papers. Even a donation to an equality organization might be more effective--but for sure not as fun. I wonder if bogus ads would get approved anyway. Your thoughts?

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  1. I like the idea. Getting the word out is important and necessary if we are ever going to obtain equal rights. The important thing however is reaching those who are opposed, rather than "preaching to the choir", so the Chronicle would not be as important as the Sac. Bee or the Modesto whatever, etc.

    Another free option is writing letters to the editor and responding to online sites such as the Napa Register. These sites tend to be dominated by conservatives, and balance is needed. There have been more people on our side on the register lately, and while there are those who will never change, it seems some are on the fence and some of those opposed have quit posting ignorant rantings like they used to. So, while sometimes painful, I think we are having an effect there. And is doesn't cost a dime, just some time. The issue of equality has been an ongoing topic, and there are currently 6 threads going. There has been some excellent and educational posting on the site, including some great history from "winewoman" and moving personal appeals from "rennefannin" and we can always count on Raven to stay on top of the homophobes. Pharper has done some excellent posting, and a couple of newer folks have jumped in lately as well. It is great to see the support, and I thank all those I have left out, and encourage others to speak out as well. Numbers matter, and even though I think we are exposing the lies, we could use more voices to remind the phobes that we are here and aren't going away. You can even do it from the safety of the closet, which unfortunately is still a necessity for some occupations if you want to keep your job.
    Ok, going kayaking today, so must run along. Happy posting........