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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fabio: a hottie that can feed me any time

Not sure if any of you are all Top Chef fans, but I was catching up Sunday night on the DVR (after wiping away the happy tears from the Oscar's, of course) and caught something of interest, involving my favorite handsome chef on the show...

Did anyone catch this?

In the "last meals" episode from a few weeks back, Fabio (in spite of his "airplane salad" and a busted finger) won the elimination challenge with his amazing roast chicken.

His prize package (seriously, no pun intended)? A bottle of Terlato Angel's Peak Wine and a three day, two night trip to the Terlato vineyard in the Napa Valley!

That means my favorite chef, from my favorite cooking competition is coming here, to visit! Anybody have any idea when this might happen? I'm guessing the Napa Register isn't going to exactly have top coverage of it.

[Fun-fact from my bf: Fabio apparently loves dressing up like women for "Halloween".

When Richter teased Viviani over his selection of such Halloween costumes as Catwoman and Wonder Woman (documented via photos on Viviani’s Facebook page), the Italian chef shrugged. “You gotta have b---- to dress like a woman,” he said with a laugh.

Later, when mask-wearing guests arrived for the Mardi Gras-theme party he and the final-four “cheftestants” were asked to cater at the New Orleans Museum of Art, Viviani opined that the scene “kind of reminds me of a porn movie.”

Spoiler alert: more Fabio-fun and "facts" can be found here.]

Who are your TV crushes?

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