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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Black Bear Diner coming, new Napa "bear" hot-spot?

Illustration from
"Things Bears Love":

I've heard little tidbits lately that are both food and gay related.

Firstly, the Register reports today that the "Black Bear Diner" is taking over the old Baker's Square spot next to Umpqua Bank near the Target/Home Depot plaza in South Napa. Might this become the new, bear, dining hot-spot in Napa? Not that there has been any other bear dining hot-spots that I know of. (For newbies to queer lingo, go here for our explanation of what a bear is.)

Secondly, I've been hearing rumors that the Soscol Cafe is some sort of queer, truck-stop-dining mecca. Any details? I've been there a few times, but don't recall any bleeps on my gaydar. Maybe I was too distracted by the amazingly delicious (and only slightly greasy) burritos, breakfasts and sandwiches that I've enjoyed there.

Plus, no one was wearing ass-less chaps. I did see some flanel...


  1. First of all: Thank you for your comments. I love you, judgements and all. Thank you for bring people together, new or old.

    Second: I always drive by Soscol cafe and am really curious about the fare. It seemed from the outside like a good hole in the wall similar to what one might find in SF.

    Thirdly: I love bears.

  2. Well, I have to say that I live in Suisun near a Black Bear Diner and I've never been fortunate enough to see real bears - just the god awful carved black bears in sickeningly cute poses they have all over the place! Amazingly bad decor, but good food.

    Where exactly is Soscol Cafe? Queer or not, it sounds like my kind of place...

  3. I linked to Soscol Cafe's Yelp page (see the article, above) where you can read other's reviews of the restaurant and get their address and phone, etc. They are located over near the side-back of the fairgrounds on Soscol.