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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Your kinda-weekly gay news update

  • Now thanks to Ecuador's shiny new constitution which include rights for everyone, same-sex partnerships are legal there. Just a note: This is Ecuador's 20th Constitution. [WashingtonPost]

  • Fundamentalist right-wingers, popularly known as "wing-nuts" by the liberal blogosphere, are calling for a Boycott on Google after Google proclaimed their denouncement on the Prop 8 campaign and the support of all that is fair, equal and about love... Of course they claim that Google's only supporting No on 8 because they have made money their god now. [JMG]

  • What was going to be the first state day to honor the nation's first openly gay person in a prominent political office--Harvey Milk--was shot down by Governer Schwarzenegger this week in a flury of vetoes after the budget was approved. Called a "Day of Significance", Harvey Milk Day was created to honor the assasinated San Francisco supervisor and it wouldn't have even been a state day off or "holiday". Schwarzenegger said, in vetoing the bill, that he respects Milk and his accomplishments, but that he should be honored "at the local level." [PageOneQ]

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