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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Today's Prop 8 news update

If you're sick of it, sorry for posting so much on 8. I think I'm just anxious about the vote and things are hitting the news daily both locally and at the statewide level. Here's a rundown of today's latest. There's some GOOD INFO in here, so at least scan through it:
  • How Jesus wouldn't raise $18.6 million: Apparently mormon church members were told "their souls would be in jeopardy" if they do not donate money. Mormon contributions are 77% of all contributions to the Yes on 8 campaign. [Bilerico]

  • Can you believe the nerve? Leaders in the Yes on 8 campaign are blackmailing businesses who support equality: "Give us money, too, or we'll out you!" [SFGate, CBS8]

  • The Chancellor of UC Berkeley is worried, if we put discrimination into our State's constitution, we'll lose all the brilliant gays! He's probably right... As Pam intro'd it on her blog, "In states that have passed marriage amendments, it has been hard to retain and recruit the best to state universities." [UCBerkeley]

  • Some of the newer numbers show Prop 8 losing (by only a hair, but that's still a good thing!) with 52% of likely voters opposing it. Thank God we don't hear daily about these numbers! I about have a heart attack with every new report. And it is a roller coaster of conflicting slight highs and lows. Basically we're TIED. Anyone else kinda freaked out how the "trending" of the poll is shaped? [JMG, JMG]

  • $4 million dollars was raised this week in a fundraiser that was long overdue, with Melissa Ehteridge and Mary J. Blige entertaining the Hollywood crowd. Estimates are that No & Yes have brought in about equal amounts of money now. [Towleroad]
PS: Call your friends, and family and all of you: Vote No and Donate.

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  1. I think some of the most heartening signs I've seen in the last few days is how many people who aren't associated with "No on Prop 8" or "Equality California" in any official capacity are getting the word out. On my facebook, I've seen probably ten or so status updates of people saying "I just voted No on Prop 8, you should too" or "Equal rights for all, No on Prop 8"

    I've seen lots of youtube videos of people urging their subscribers to vote No on prop 8, and some of these youtube channels have 200, 1500, even 20000 subscribers. I've heard about a lot of fair minded straight Christians telling their friends to vote no, and I think that as the election gets closer, we'll see even more people speaking up and speaking out. I have very high hopes!

    Also, great post, I had only heard about half of those things!