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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mormons continue going all out: use students, phone trees from out of state to support Prop 8

It's really starting to freak me out and continues to piss me off that the Church of (presumably) Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (more commonly known as Mormons) is going full force and leading the support of Proposition 8, that would eliminate the right of same-sex couples to get married in California.

Not only are they going door to door locally, their Church leadership in Utah and in California is encouraging and organizing Mormons and other Churches all over the West Coast to get involved. This time they are readying hundreds and thousands of out-of-state students and church members to do phone banking:
Church elder L. Whitney Clayton said members may be asked to call friends and family at home in California before the Nov. 4 election to encourage support for the measure. The out-of-state phone campaign would be on an "if-needed" basis.

Clayton, a liaison between the church and the coalition, also says many students attending church-owned universities have asked how they might help and could be enlisted to make calls. There are three branches of the church-owned Brigham Young University — in Utah, Hawaii and Idaho.

...There are about 770,000 Mormon church members in California.

Mormons have been active participants in the campaign both as volunteers and financial contributors, giving an estimated 43 percent — some $8.4 million — to the Proposition 8 campaign, according to the Web site

The church planned its appeal on Wednesday night with a satellite broadcast to church buildings in California and on the three Brigham Young campuses. Mormon leaders were scheduled to speak directly to members, with a particular focus being placed on reaching young married couples, single church members and those already active in the campaign, Clayton said. [SFGate]

Their worst fears--moral and otherwise--must have been put on the line when they heard polls were against the ban since early on. A recent poll from KPIX has signaled that their efforts might be working--especially with younger voters--and support is fairly even for and against the Proposition.

This is just another startling reminder that we need to get off our asses and donate, talk to others and get involved in the No on 8 campaign.


  1. There is a yes on 8 sign in our neighborhood now.

  2. I've seen two No on 8 signs--one on Jefferson and another on Old Sonoma Road. The "Yes on 8" signs must've just arrived from China... not exactly the "let a million signs blossom" campaign for Sep. 22nd.

    "The Pursuit of Equality" was shown at the Rialto Lakeside in Santa Rosa as a No on 8 fundraiser. Anything more local?