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Friday, October 10, 2008

Breaking news: Connecticut legalizes gay marriage

The Connecticut Supreme Court, in a ruling that has surprised (me) the blogosphere with its unexpectedness...has said (like in California) that same-sex couples have the right to recognized marriage and that anything less than that is discrimination.

I'm sure we'll here plenty of "activist judges" remarks...

For more info, check the blogs where I first read about it, here and here. Also, the local paper carries the news in the first place.

What's really getting me is that court after court is saying that it is discrimination to offer anything less than equality (remember that whole, "all men are created equal" thing in the Declaration of Independence?) I guess those truths aren't so self-evident when group after group and millions of dollars are being spent on keeping discrimination legal. :(

[Update: looks like the marriage thing could also go the way of CA with future elections perhaps changing the state's constitution and thus the legality of same-sex marriage in the State of Connecticut.]


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