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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friend of the Fruit writes Register editorial: The personal Case against Proposition 8

A friend of The Fruit, Rick Marshall, has written an editorial, recently printed by the Register, on why Napans (all Californians, really) should vote No on Proposition 8.

Of note, but not printed online is that we (in part) inspired Rick to write this. (Thanks, Rick!) Have any of our other readers also been inspired?

Here's an excerpt:
"As a gay man in a nine-year committed relationship, clearly I have a differing perspective...I believe that domestic partnerships do not provide my family the same security as marriage...

Because of the ongoing public dialogue on the issue of freedom to marry, many people’s understanding of the need for family security and protection has greatly increased. Because of this greater understanding, it is appropriate to ask the question again: is it fair to single out one group of people for legal discrimination?...

The passage of Proposition 8 in November will enshrine discrimination into the state constitution by reversing the court’s action. What’s important is the ability to provide security and protection for all loving families." Rick Marshall [NVR]
You should check out his full post on the Register's site, especially to join in on the commentary at the end of the article. Many are supportive, but the usual dissenters with the same old negative sound bites are also in the mix.

They also have an online poll which I'll embed, here (Although I kinda wonder what it means for a newspaper to use online polling that is *not* scientific. Will they publish these results? For what? Should we encourage our supporters to vote and bump numbers? For what?):

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  1. Just a note from a friend from Michigan. In '04 the GOP here pushed through Proposal 2 with lies and deceit. They proposed it to voters as something that was 'strictly to protect the definition of marriage'. MANY voters had concerns about the meaning for domestic benefits in the state. The GOP SWORE that the proposal had nothing to do with benefits. Almost immediately after the voters narrowly passed it, they immediately went after domestic benefits and had them removed as well. Be VERY wary. The way your prop 8 is written is concerning as well in that it has the words 'ONLY' and 'VALID'. Please pass this along to everyone you can so you don't get screwed like we did in Michigan!!