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Monday, April 21, 2008

The Valley's Other Fruit in NapaLife!

Wow, really? Two days in a row, The Valley's Other Fruit was highlighted in local publications. Today we were mentioned in NapaLife, a weekly e-newsletter billed as "For those who live in Napa Valley -- and those who wish they did..." It wasn't exactly a glowing review (just a mention and a link). But, we appreciate very much the help getting the word out.

I dunno how Paul Franson does it (he's the author of the newsletter), but he seems to really have his hands on the pulse of the Valley. For sure, anyways, the food & wine pulse. Glad that wherever he gets his info that he heard about us and helped to spread the news. Maybe there's a free subcription in it for us?


  1. I'm glad to see the positive shout-outs/feedback from your locals.

    Great Job!!

  2. Thanks! I know, right?? Who woulda thought? Hopefully it gets more people connected. That's what we're all about...