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Friday, April 25, 2008

Gaytionary: Hag

Hag (also, Fag-Hag)

A straight female that loves to hang around with gay men or who has a gay male best friend. Synonyms: fruit-fly.

Used as: "Frank, is that a new hag that you're accessorizing with? She looks fun."

Queer it up with the other words in our gaytionary, our quaint little guide to what the gays are saying.


  1. Because of the negative connotation (witches and old ladies), most would prefer "fruity fly" or "accessory". In my experience, "accessory" is the most appreciated of the terms, especially since all girls like to accessorize!

  2. I guess you're right with that whole witches and old ladies thing...I actually am not that fond of fruit flies cuz of the whole "swirling around rotting fruit" thing. ;) Seems like we need to push for something else to catch on: 'accessory' could be a great candidate!

  3. What the....??? Are you serious?

    What's with the elementary approach to gay terminology? Insulting!

  4. Yeah, we're serious. Sorry if it's insulting...I put this up as a result of a direct question. Our main audience is the gays in Napa and secondary to that is our friends and people who want to get to know us.

    It may be elementary, but we're not trying to insult, we're trying to share understanding.

    Anonymous: Would you suggest we just don't talk about any of the terms at all? Or what would be helpful?