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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gay Latin-club, Bench & Bar hosts multicultural "Playground"

By the way, this is what I was talking about when I said that Bench and Bar was expanding:Click image to enlarge
This Wednesday is the Grand opening of "The Playground": a multicultural night at the usually Latin-focused gay club, Bench and Bar, in Oakland. DowneFX, a queer Bay Area hip-hop dance company will be performing. (From DowneFX's myspace: "DowneFX is uniquely the only downe, gay, bisexual and lesbian dance company of color...")

It seems like, for this month anyway, this is done in partnership with La Clinica, AIDS Project of the East Bay, Asian Health Services, & Valentino Presents. The Playground is scheduled to happen monthly.

Bench and Bar is about 42 miles (and 55 minutes, without traffic) from Napa.


  1. Bench and Bar is always cracking. Friday nights are always popping! It's the latino night but dudes of all races come and mix it up, the bartenders are funny, nice and have a heavy hand when serving up the liqour which I always appreciate ;) Saturday's is a more vaquero crowd, although you do have them guys that like a man with cowboy boots and hat. The music is in Spanish on Saturdays, but you are always guaranteed a good time when going to the Bench as so many faithful goers refer it to;) Nice post!

  2. I'm going with a carload of friends...driving down from Napa. Hope to see other Napa peeps there!

  3. Even though it's a drive, it'll be fun. We're going down with a bunch of friends, too. Maybe we'll see you there?