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Sunday, February 7, 2010

"What Superbowl?" alternate party for Napa gays and gay-friendly

Napa's Guerilla Gay Bar (that local group that promises to make your place "gay for the day") has been busy, busy, busy this year! In addition to its regular missions, they've been highlighting other events of gay interest in Napa and nearby and also promoting subscription to their facebook fan page, twitter page and blog by developing some "announcement only" missions.

Today they've got something planned for anyone and everyone not so interested in today's big game:
The “What Superbowl?” Party

Let's face it - not everyone is "into" football. And even if you are a football fan you might lose interest once your favorite team is out of the playoffs.

So, let's have a "What Superbowl?" party! We'll go to a television-free locale and enjoy ourselves.

Here's the mission - we'll start assembling at the Bounty Hunter Wine Bar & Smokin' BBQ (975 First Street in Napa) starting at 2 p.m. (one hour before kick-off) on Sunday, February 7.

The Bounty Hunter has 40 wines by the glass and over 400 wines by the bottle. They also serve Guinness on tap and a selection of beer by the bottle. And don't forget about their terrific food menu - including great bar appetizers and their amazing "Beer Can Chicken".

And for a little fun(d) - anyone caught saying "Football" or "Superbowl" during this mission will be "ordered" to put one dollar in a specially-designed bucket. Proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross for Haitian Earthquake Relief.

Heading to a Superbowl party? Why not stop by Bounty Hunter after the game and have a nightcap?

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