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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Napa Guerilla Gays going midnight shopping at Premium Outlets, Nov 27, 12am

As if the announcement about this Sunday's Guerilla Gay Bar cocktails at Cole's adventure wasn't enough, the Guerilla Gays have a shopping soiree planned now as well--welcome news for the under-21 set and those who were looking for something queer to go to besides a bar:
Napa Guerilla Gay Midnight Shopping at Napa Premium Outlets
This year you'll need to take a "disco" nap after your Thanksgiving supper! In case you didn't know, the Napa Premium Outlets (just west of Hwy 29 and south of First in Napa) open at midnight on Friday, November 27. In the past, it's been a very active, very social event. So what the heck, let's join in the fun!
More information can be found at the Napa Premium Outlets websites. Did anyone go to the midnight after Thanksgiving shopping last year at the Napa Outlets? Any big deals you're going to be busting down doors for this year?

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