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Monday, September 28, 2009

Someone desperately needs to hear your story: National Coming Out Day is Oct 11

Even if you've never commented on here before, please take a moment to send me your story. Lesbian, gay, bi, trans or questioning, there's a reader of this blog who desperately needs to hear your story.

October 11 is National Coming Out day, and this year's theme is "Conversations From the Heart". It's my belief that "conversations from the heart" are really what change the world...and it's hard work! One person at a time, for sure.

Please, PLEASE! Send in your coming out stories to this blog (via email is fine). I want to share them on the blog throughout the beginning of October and especially for National Coming Out Day. If you read this blog, please take a moment to talk about how it was to come out or how it is to be out in this community. And, if you're not yet out, please write in about how the process of coming out to yourself was/is.

I grew up in Napa and (didn't know it yet but) was yearned for positive examples of what it might mean to be a part of Napa and to not be straight. My coming out process was only possible because of courageous people who shared their story with me as I was older.

And a note: I'm a big believer in keeping this blog and community a safe place. I won't out anyone without permission and I won't share your name or email unless you tell me to. But please share your story.

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