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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Levi's, American Apparel: storefront allies in equality?

Rumors (via the tipline) are that Levi's and American Apparel--not sure if just in Napa (at the Outlets) or across the country--are taking up the cause (at least in their storefront windows) with displays for equality. Levi's with white knots and American Apparel with their "Legalize Gay" shirts.

Incidentally, Levi Strauss, Inc. has been at 100% on the HRC Corporate Equality Index for six years. American Apparel is not on the index, but has promoted the "Legalize Gay" (and previously, "Legalize LA") shirts as a way of supporting the LGBT community and sexual orientation as something to be celebrated:
"In November of 2008 our Legalize Gay shirt was originally printed to give to protesters at rallies and marches. The response was so overwhelming that we had more made and distributed them to our stores and put them up online."
Will you be the first loyal friend of The Fruit to send in photos or details of the displays?

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