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Friday, April 18, 2008

10 million strong...and growwwing...

Okay, so not 10 million... but fifteen (not million, just 15). Subscribers, that is. ;)

Help us reach our goal of 24 subscribers by Tuesday, April 22 (that's 2 weeks from our very-first post): tell your friends, co-workers, fellow gays, lesbians, bi, trans, or gay allies to check us out and subscribe!


If you're a nerdy reader of The Fruit, then here are some fun stats for you...

In only our first week and a half of publishing:
  • We now have about 20 visitors a day to the site and 15 additional readers who subscribe (via email or feed).
  • Our readers hail from: Alameda, American Canyon, Auburn, Castro Valley, Chicago, Covina, Daly City, Davis, Denver, Dixon, Dorr, Emeryville, Fairfield, Fremont, Hayward, Los Angeles, Mountain View, Napa, Oakland, Petaluma, Roseville, San Diego, San Francisco, San Leandro, Santa Rosa, Sebastopol & Sunnyvale
  • The biggest bulk of readers are from: 1. Napa, 2. American Canyon, 3. Emeryville, 4. Alameda (go figure!)
  • We've also had visitors from Chicago, IL; Tempe, AZ; and Brooklyn, NY
  • And, if you're super nerdy: 45% of our readers use Firefox and 28% Internet Explorer

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